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An abrasive is a material that is used to smooth, machine, or, in some cases, roughen another softer material through extensive rubbing. Abrasives are used to remove surface materials such as metal, ceramics, glass, plastics, and paint. Abrasives include discs, belts, blast machines and sandblasters, as well as sheets, rolls, and handpads. Some abrasives are designed for use on bench grinders, while others are designed for use on portable or handheld grinders or sanders.

Some common examples of abrasive minerals and objects are:

Coated abrasive
Aluminium oxide
Zirconia alumina
Silicon carbide
Borazon (cubic boron nitride)
Diamond dust
Emery (impure corundum)
Grinding wheel
Glass powder
Pumice dust
Diamond tools
Kraut Heinrich Koestler

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