The most superb book for examining the progression in Industrial design through the mid 19th and into the 20th Century.  Everyday objects are discussed and placed into eras that are individually reviewed. The Bauhaus features within the "1918-1945" Chapter  of course but equally well analysed and discussed are the 'Rietveld Chair', the Remington Typewriter and so much more.  Any review might suggest that a focus on the classics are inevitable but as classics are potentially created constantly, the Lotus Bike, The Modern Ski Boot, and High Speed Multihull boats are all included.  As a work of reference and as a phenomenal read this book is superb.

publisher :   Gestalten Verlag
ISBN 3-931-1263-66
Edited by: R. Klanten , H. Hellige, M. Mischler

Swiss Graphic design has a quality that remains international.  Its has simplicity, clarity and a precision that radiate alongside its transparent  craftsmanship and detail.  The book reflects and highlights these qualities.