FOOD TECHNOLOGY - Design & Make It ! -
publisher : Stanley Thornes
ISBN 0-7487-2472-9
Jill Robinson, Helen Roberts, Elizabeth Barnard & Tristram Shephard

Another useful book in the 'Design & Make It!' series that can take students through the
essentials of GCSE Food Technology study.  Starting by outlining the needs of the Project you will be expected to make for the GCSE exam the book goes on to cover 'Bread', 'Pastries & pies', 'Chilling Foods' and designing Cold desserts.  Sections on salads and Snack foods, Safety and many other topics make the coverage very full and varied.

GCSE D&T: Food Technology (Total Revision)
Jill Robinson, Jenny Hotson
ISBN 0-0-071-3626-9

A new book to be published in 2003

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