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David Beasley
Published 1986 (Heinemann Educational Books)

Although this book has been out for some time it is a very useful
collection of basic techniques.  It may be difficult to get hold of but is worth checking bookstalls for. Starting with 'basic perspective' the book takes the student through gradually more advanced drawing skills to perspectives built on grids and orthographics.  The last section of the book includes a series of exercises to attempt.

publisher : Little Brown
A Guide to drawing and presenting ideas.
ISBN 0-316-91243-3
Dick Powell

Presentation techniques employed by Dick Powell of the Seymour / Powell design group. 
Known by many students from the Channel 4 series on designers and product design -
Dick Powell should enlighten all on the topics of marker rendering, airbrush rendering and the general colouring of sketches.  A great gallery section and a chapter devoted to the rendering of car designs.

The Essentials of GCSE Design and Technology: GRAPHIC PRODUCTS
publisher : Lonsdale revision guides
Edited by :  Debbie Eason
A Guide to revision for Graphic Products study and examinations.
ISBN 1-903068-46-0

A quick guide to the whole range of study topics needing to be covered in the courses relating to Graphic products.  From Net Development to  Interior and architectural drawings - and from Card mechanisms, gears and pulleys to packaging.  Sketch-like illustrations throughout and at a very good price for everyone.  At around less than $10  ( 4.50 UK)  the price has got to be good !

DESIGN   Capability and Awareness
publisher : Longman
John Morrison and John Twyford
ISBN 0-582-05687-X

A well written and contemplative book looking at 'The Evolution of an Industrial Culture',
The Urban context,  'Design Issues and Influences' and 'Criteria for studying Design'.   
There is a large section reviewing coursework examples and a section covering the 'Management of a Major Design Project'.  Written with students in mind the text would suit an AS or a-Level group and provide a range of topics for discussion and further review within the class groups.

publisher : Cambridge University Press
James Garratt
ISBN 0-521-55607-4