The Great age of Victorian Invention
publisher : The British Library
ISBN 0-7123-08814-X
Stephen van Dulken

The Victorian era was one of great activity and with many industries progressing as markets grew the spur for inventing was at a height.  The book illustrates many everyday objects  and looks at their patents and their inventors….from Denim Jeans to Tiddleywinks !

An interesting book for anyone that is aware of the impact that so many inventions have on the society around them.  From the Zip fastener to Football Boots, the book looks at the inventions and at the patents applied for at the time.  A fascinating book for anyone involved in  Design and Technology.

publisher : Constable Robinson
ISBN 0-184-119-6177
Author:  James Dyson

Our civilisation has been changed by inventors and their inventions.  One such designer / inventor is James Dyson and in his book he looks at the inventions of many others.  One invention may frequently inter-link with another and the web of imagination is thoroughly stimulated after reading the book.

publisher : Mainstream publishing
ISBN 0-00-
Author: Elspeth Wills

A useful book that sets the scene for inventors in Scotland and looks at why a small nation has been responsible for so many inventive introductions to society.

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