BASIC MANUFACTURING - publisher : Newnes
ISBN 0-7506-4880-5
Roger Timings and Mike Tooley

A thorough book for GCSE Industrial Manufacturing (Engineering) and a great supplement to the study of GCSE Resistant Materials.  A 'wordy' book but also with lots of diagrams. Chapters cover 'Applications of new Technologies in manufacturing, Working with a Design Brief,  Manufacturing products,  Production Planning and Quality assurance.  A good intermediate coverage between having a good depth of detail but with accessible illustrations too.

WORKING WITH MATERIALS  - publisher : Collins Educational Wood - Metal - Plastic
ISBN 0-00-327351-2
Edited by: Colin Chapman & Mike Finney

An useful book that has tables comparing materials and their properties, detailed drawings of tools and their cutting action as well as guides to techniques and processes.  Throughout the book there are 'case study' notes that explain how real companies and products have incorporated aspects of the topics being discussed.  Main chapter headings are -  Manufacturing Perspectives, Investigating Materials, The Forming Process, Fabrication and Materials in Action.

publisher : Harvard Business School Press
ISBN 0-87584740-4
James M Utterback

An A-Level text book that examines innovation in industry  and the implications of designs when related to manufacturing requirements.  Chapters on ''Innovation and the Industrial Revolution' and 'Innovation as a Creative Force' provide interesting reading for anyone with an interest in business and technology.

The New Science of Strong Materials
publisher : Pelican 
ISBN 0-14-02-0920-4
J E Gordon

A classic book that is aimed at anyone interested in how materials behave under stress.  A-Level students will gain a significant understanding of methods of detecting failure in materials.  A text only paperback - for advanced study.

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