STARTING ELECTRONICS - publisher : Newnes
Wood - Metal - Plastic
ISBN 0-00-327351-2
Keith Brindley

An 'introduction to electronics' paperback with sections on  Capacitors, Transistors, 555 timers and the basics of beginners electronics.

MICROELECTRONICS - publisher : Cassell
Starting Design & Technology
ISBN 0-304-325015
John Lynch         Series editor : John Cave

A clearly illustrated book ( B&W ) introducing Logic gates, Multivibrators, 55 Timers and Dedicated IC's  - First published in the early 1990's and now not readily available but a useful series of exercises to have to hand.

Publisher : Stanley Thornes
ISBN 0-7487-2473-7
Dave Mawson, Paul Bell, Philip Poole, Tristram Shepherd

One of the well-known 'Design & Make It' Series used in many classrooms. 
Electronics fundamental to the study of the subject at GCSE are introduced through a series
of small 'product design' tasks - any of which could be the basis for a GCSE final project. 
The first is based around designing and making a digital lock, whilst the second is based on
making an electronic timing device.  The final tasks create an alarm for a production company
and the an electronic toy / game for a young child.

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