TECHNOLOGY - Collins GCSE  D & T       
ISBN 0-00-322036-2
P. Fowler & M.  Horsley
Edited by   A. Breckon

Although this book has been out for some time it is a very useful collection of basic themes.  Designs & Designing, Basic graphics, technology in Society, Principles of Control, Materials and their applications, Energy, Electronics, Digital Electronics, Mechanisms, Pneumatics, Structures and Project Work - These are the chapter headings and although the coverage is straightforward there is a place for this in spanning elements of KS3 work and early GCSE coverage.  First published in 1988 but constantly reprinted - a popular book with students.

WORKING WITH MATERIALS  - publisher : Collins Educational Wood - Metal - Plastic
ISBN 0-00-327351-2
Edited by: Colin Chapman & Mike Finney

A useful book that has tables comparing materials and their properties, detailed drawings of tools and their cutting action as well as guides to techniques and processes.  Throughout the book there are 'case study' notes that explain how real companies and products have incorporated aspects of the topics being discussed.  Main chapter headings are -  Manufacturing Perspectives, Investigating Materials, The Forming Process, Fabrication and Materials in Action.

Design and Technology - publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN 0-521-55607-4
James Garratt

A well balanced book with a good level of detail on a range of topics.  Covering the 'Design Process', Aesthetics, Ergonomics, Structures, Mechanisms, Control Electronics and Electrics, Pneumatics, Materials, Manufactured products, and a series of Questions and Answers.  A range of circuits are included to help students devise suitable projects in Systems & Control / Electronics.

ADVANCED DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY - publisher : Longman Group
ISBN 0-582-24406-4
Eddie Norman, Joyce Cubitt, Syd Urey, Mike Whittaker

A 'standard' reference / teaching book for Advanced Level students covering everything from Design & Technology in Society, Designing, Materials, Properties and Testing, Stress analysis, Energy & Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Electronics, Signal Processing, Pneumatics, Computer Control - and a section on Project Work for students.  Includes worked examples showing the physics and mathematical principles behind aspects of materials and their reactions to stresses in structures. 

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