~ Design & Technology ~  
Year 10 - Engineering   22 nd November 2009  
You are well into making the ‘Toy Buggy’    
Use these two lessons to create two things.
But first of all read these instructions with a friend completely.
Materials - the metal and plastic that you are using are easily available and are used in many products - but materials are being improved and new materials designed all the time. Take this first hour to find out information about materials from the www . Use the structured guidance sheets that can be downloaded from the web address that you can link to by clicking here.  http://www.design-technology.info/materials
Before clicking on the link you need to be aware that you will be asked to fill in some word sheets that need to be printed out before you leave the computer suite - Make sure that you have done that before the lesson ends.
( 40 minutes max )  Task 1 : Working in pairs discuss the information you collect as you write your answers onto your sheet. Collect research from websites that you access after reading the downloaded sheet. Also create a collection of images and notes on Word or Publisher -  Copy images by ‘right mouse clicking’ copying and pasting into a Word document - You will need these in Period 2 when you are in T1
Spend the last 6-7 minutes making sure you have printed the question sheets and your images.