Introductory Electronics

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2. Completing this should lead to a much better understanding of classwork !

3. A collection of components and connecting wire joined together !

7. The unit for measuring resistance

11. The unit of current flow

12. Something to be avoided when soldering

13. Resistors joined together side-by-side might be said to be joined like this.

14. One section of a battery

15. One metal contained within solder that is also used as a term meaning to 'lightly coat with solder'

19. A chemical that cleans surfaces to be joined and allows molten solder to flow easily

20. An output component to drive your project forwards !

21. A 'prototyping' board used to test circuits

24. Complete with a hot tip!

25. A component that reduces the flow rate of electrons in a circuit

26. A low current output device

28. A resistor in which the resistance varies with light levels

29. An electronic switch that will 'latch' when triggered.

30. A means of joining wires and componets togather

31. Volts x Amps


1. Components joined at the ends - one following the other - might be said to be connected like this

4. The flow of electrons around a circuit

5. An electronic switch responding to a small input voltage

6. V = IR

8. The unit for measuring frequency

9. A mechanical switch using electromagnetism to make the connection

10. The 'push'moving electrons around a circuit

13. Something that must be observered when connecting some components

14. A material that allows electrons to move easily within its structure

16. A resistor in which resistance varies with temperature

17. An output device that certainly won't grow!

18. A component that can store charge

22. A material that is non-conductive of electricity

23. A meter for measuring potential difference

27. A safety link within a circuit


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