Mr Richmond's Automata Homework

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1             2     3 4
7 8   9                  
10                 11        
12         13              
14             15  
      16 17          
      21 22  
      23             24
    26 27       28                
    32     33            


  1. A very accurate measuring tool
  2. A vertical drilling machine (6,5)
  3. A drawing style with all horizontal lines drawn at 30 degrees
  4. A loose fitting hole and axle arrangement (9,3)
  5. The early part of the project where we discovered a lot of new information
  6. These are necessary for everyone to be safe in the workshop
  7. The mechanism used for the handle of your toy
  8. A device used for doing the same job many times
  9. A saw for cutting straight lines
  10. A necessary feature of all plans and working drawings
  11. The term used to describe the speed of output gears when compared to the input speed (8,5)
  12. A guide around which you might draw to create an accurate copy of a shape
  13. The saw for cutting curved lines ( 5,3)
  14. The last stage where you think about all that you have achieved and what might have been improved
  15. The last stage of a system
  16. The drawing and planning stage of the project
  17. A ruler with measurement markings right to the end (5,4)


  1. An end stage in which the performance of the final product is checked
  2. The middle part of a mechanism or system - where changes in direction of movement happen
  3. A tool for marking out lines at 90 degrees to one edge of your work (3,6)
  4. A tool for holding work firmly
  5. A type of grooved wheel linked to another similar wheel by a belt
  6. Used with a worm-wheel (4,5)
  7. A type of drive when the contact surfaces used are rough surfaces (7,5)
  8. A drawing style with a plan view, an end view and a top view
  9. Snail, elliptical and irregular- are all types of this part of a mechanism
  10. An essential part of your project work
  11. A tight-fitting hole for the axle (4,3)
  12. A chain of gears (4,5)
  13. A simple balancing mechanism
  14. An early type of mechanical toy
  15. A thin round section of wood
  16. An essential part of any project - allowing it to run smoothly
  17. ComputerAided Design
  18. A computer driven type of cutting machine
  19. An essential part of all gear wheels
  20. The first stage of a mechanism

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