Mr Richmond's Mega Crossword for Year Eight

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1       2           3 4
5 6   7        
  8 9        
  10                           11              
      12     13    
  15     16                
17   18                          
    19   20   21    
22                     23                  
    24     25              
  26 27                
  28             29  
      30           31    
    33                     34
35       36               37        
      38                 39    
      40         41  
      42             43         44
46                 47      
    48 49                            
  50                 51        
  53         54                      


  1. An electric machine used to smooth wood and plastics.
  2. A tool designed to shave off thin pieces of wood.
  3. A plastic that returns to its original shape after heating
  4. A manufactured board that has several layers of thin wood glued together.
  5. A type of tree that bears pinecones and has needles
  6. One of the four basic types of motion
  7. A system using water, oil or another fluid to control the moving parts of a machine or system.
  8. An abrasive paper used to smooth surfaces.
  9. What you will be when you have finished this puzzle
  10. A technical name for plastics
  11. One of the four different types of motion
  12. The curled metal shavings from a lathe, milling machine or other metal cutting machines
  13. A wooden board on which small pieces of flat wood are held whilst cutting.
  14. A materiall that will not conduct electricity
  15. A clear (or coloured) coating applied to protect wood.
  16. One stage of a simple system
  17. A saw designed to make wavy cuts in plastic or wood.
  18. A wooden tool used (like a hammer ) but especially to strike wood or wooden handled tools
  19. The drilling part of a drilling tool
  20. An elastic material
  21. A modern material used as a cheap sheet material - Used to make kitchen cabinets, tables and similar products.
  22. A tool designed to remove metal and smooth surfaces
  23. A type of thermoplastic
  24. A store of elctrical power for circuits
  25. A bonding material for joining
  26. A mixture of metal and another component
  27. A system using air or a gas to control moving parts in machinery
  28. A group of plastics that melt and burn when heated rather than regaining their original shape
  29. A type of screwdriver
  30. A style of drawing that shows things in 3-D


  1. A collection of struts and ties together make one of these. An example might be a crane, a gate or a building
  2. A type of tree that has fruits and leaves
  3. One of the four different types of motion
  4. The stage of a project where you find out about things needed to help design your product
  5. A holding tool bolted onto the side of a bench or also found on the table of a pillar drill or cutting machine.
  6. A modern group of materials that respond to their surroundings, heat, light, etc.
  7. A saw designed to cut metal (4,3)
  8. Used in the workshops to drill holes (6,4)
  9. A conductor of electricity
  10. A manufactured board that is made from tiny chips of waste wood glued and bonded together.
  11. The last stage of a simple system
  12. An angled surface on which to draw accurately
  13. A wheel in a system used with a belt to transfer power to another similar wheel.
  14. A white wood glue
  15. A device to hold material whilst it is being cut
  16. The section of a task when you decide the order in which to do things
  17. The middle part of a simple system
  18. An electrical device that changes the voltage level of an electrical supply
  19. 'Toothed' wheels within a machine used to transfer power.
  20. One of the four different types of motion
  21. Abbreviation used to mean "computer aided design"
  22. A very strong metal used in building bridges and buildings.
  23. An industrial process - also used in schools - and used to shape plastics.(6,7)
  24. A useful tool at the research stage of a project.
  25. A coating used to protect tables, furniture and other wood or sometimes metal produc surfaces.
  26. Used to mark aline at 90 degrees to an edge (3,6)
  27. A component part of many electronic circuits that acts as an electronic switch
  28. A type of hammer used to shape rivets and other metals (3,4)
  29. A saw with a rigid back piece on the blade (5,3)
  30. A type of cutting machine that is operated by a computer

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