Mechanical Toy - AUTOMATA

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12      3
  4          5
6        7    8
  9              10             
  14              15             
      1617  18
19  20      2122       
24                      25 
28    29      30   
      32        33         
  34            35         
  37            38             


  1. One colour of ink allowed for your written work
  2. The final stage of a simple system
  3. Can be used to change speed in machines and mechanical toy mechanisms
  4. An example of a 'pair of class-three levers'
  5. A much better and firmer type of 'drive' sometimes seen in the gears used in our mechanical toys
  6. The common name for the support part of a lever system
  7. Your favourite teacher is Mr .....
  8. One kind of 'drive' seen in the simple gearsoften used in our toys
  9. Another colour of ink allowed for your written work
  10. Interlocking parts of gear wheels
  11. The frenchman who made the 'Digesting Duck' mechanical automaton
  12. This is what your homework should alwys be
  13. An essential part of your equipment always needed in class for drawing
  14. The country in which factories first used mechanisms to help speed up manufacturing
  15. The first part of a simple system
  16. A common example of a class-one lever
  17. These are grouped into three classes
  18. One of the four types og motion where the action follows a circular path
  19. An essential part of your equipment always needed in class
  20. The middle part of a simple system
  21. The stage of a project in which you find out information to help you design


  1. Something you should always do in class
  2. The thin wooden rod used in the mechanical toy
  3. An old-style mechanical toy that is often worth a lot of money now
  4. The name given to two or more gears joined together
  5. The 'up and down' motion seen when a yo-yo is moving
  6. What your work should always be
  7. The 'balancing point' in a lever system
  8. The name for the 'double circles' that share the same centre point and are used to represent gears in Engineering drawings
  9. The 'flat-on view' style of drawing that is needed as a reference to help to make something
  10. The special name for the comparing of the speeds of the input and output parts of a mechanism such as two gears or pulleys
  11. A Common example of a class two lever often found in use in the garden or on building sites
  12. A word that goes very well with 'DESIGN'
  13. One part of a mechanism that a belt to link to another part
  14. Changes Rotary to Reciprocating motion
  15. The industry that first used mechanical manufacturing in the 18th century
  16. An important first part of the mechnical toy project
  17. A mechanisms that uses a linkage and chnages rotary motion to oscillating
  18. A common example of 'a pair of class-one levers'
  19. The stage where you need to be most creative in the designing of a mechanical toy

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