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Hand Operated Embossing Tool

Objective ONE
This asks that you thoroughly research what the uses of embossing are.  You should look at wallpapers, greetings cards, business cards, letter-headings and promotional material used in advertising products. You might also look at items like credit cards, Label lettering machines (Dymo), Braille symbols for the blind and books.
You could also include sheets that look at any or all of these: (
Analysis of whatever you do is most important.)
A TIMEPLAN ( This is really essential as you must plan out the time you have and the marks you will get for each section.  It would be crazy to use 80% of your time on a part of the project that only gained 10% of the marks !!)
A REVIEW of the materials you could use explaining why some are suitable and some are not.
A BRAINSTORM of the topics you could cover, or the processes and techniques you might use in making your item.
An ANALYSIS of LEVERS and MECHANISMS that might be used a gain a mechanical making the machine easier to use.
WEIGHTS of card and paper.
ANTHROPOMETRICS and ERGONOMICS so that your embosser is suited to the size of hands that might most belong to the people who would use the machine !
You should WRITE to COMPANIES that make embossing machines or undertake embossing work. Include these letters (or e-mails) and any replies you get. Include catalogue extracts that you might be sent.
You could do a QUESTIONNAIRE that checks out what people perceive the value of embossing to be...I.e. does it make things look more expensive / prestigious or attractive. Include the data as BARCHARTS, PIE CHARTS etc.
EVALUATE all your research                  Use ICT wherever you can

FINALLY  come up with SEVERAL sketches of IDEAS

Objective TWO
DEVELOPING  the product.   After CHOOSING the best design you should make a small
prototype from wood and/or plastic and iron out any problems that might be present in the
design you have chosen.  You should be able to test it to see if it works. You should also be better able to see what pieces you need to make.

Objective THREE
PLAN and MAKE the product.  Using your prototype and the timeplan you created at the
beginning you should make the item.  It is important that your final embosser can
effectively emboss lots of cards to the same standard and in the same position. 
This may need further refinement ~  changes and development.

Objective FOUR
TEST and EVALUATE the PRODUCT.  This is a very important part of the project and unfortunately is a section that loses a lot of marks for students.  When you have made your item you should conduct trials.  Get other people to try it out and  record their comments. 
Try to create another questionnaire giving simple answers that can easily be shown on simple data displays. (Bar charts and Pie charts..etc)  Include measurements with NEWTONMETERS and Show a SCIENTIFIC AWARENESS.  You should relate all the early 'theory' sections to your finished item.

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