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Child's Toy (and Manufacture)

Section ONE     :
You should include a contents page, a timeplan, a brainstorm of what might be involved in the project and make sure all the introductory sheets are attractive. Existing products are always an important consideration because these would be the competition to your product if all were presented for sale together.  CHILD DEVELOPMENT obviously influences the size and shape of toys so you should include a section on this topic. 
Analyse costs and then analyse ALL your research to arrive at a BRIEF. 
                             (Analysis of whatever you do is most important.)
Objective TWO    :
You should create a 'mood board' reflecting the identified market.  Assemble your research
into groups and comment on materials that might be suitable for making the item ( both
prototype and for production ).  Production techniques and processes for the various different selected materials should be covered in a research section.   Pay particular attention to 'quantity production').  Carry out a survey of the possible market and include the data in graphic form. Analyse all the material covered so far and produce a 'SPECIFICATION'
Use ICT wherever you can           
(Again...analysis of whatever you do is most important.)
Objective THREE   :

Come up with SEVERAL sketches of IDEAS
( and use a variety of DRAWING CONVENTIONS to display them.)

Objective FOUR     :

Testing of materials could be included prior to making the prototype.  A prototype that works should be constructed and tests completed using children and others of the relevant ages. 
Analyse what jigs and template will be needed for the final production and produce working
drawings of the toy and any details of parts needed.   Prepare a cutting list that could
effectively be understood by someone not involved in the project.

Objective FIVE      :
Produce a planning sheet and MAKE your final product. 
Comment on all the changes you have made or prose to make.   
Show all results and analysis in a graphic manner.

Objective  SIX        :   
Finally TEST, EVALUATE and MAKE PROPOSALS for improvements.  Remember that this
section collects nearly 10% of the total marks ---- students frequently think this is a section
that can be added quickly onto the end of the presentation………..

  ...It isn't !

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