So...what should you do to gain the best mark you can in the 'Brief' section ? ….

Well,  if you had been given a commission to design something for a company or if you had decide to make an exciting new product - what would need to be done before you could sensibly start on the actual task of designing anything ?  We will certainly need to identify a need for the product and check out existing designs and think about what we find out.
….But first of all you would possibly check the amount of time you had to do the work.
So how many weeks have you got ?  How many lessons do you have in each week and how many homework times will be given over to working on the project ? How many holidays have you when absolutely nothing at all can be done?   

A chart done on computer would be a good way of
analysing what needs to be done….and this would show how well you can handle
ICT skills too…

Analysing the marks available and then comparing this with the time available would give you a clearer idea of how to best spread your efforts.  This could be displayed in a bar-chart or a pie chart.

At the end of the task you might even do an overlay that showed just how much extra or how little you did on each of the sections.  This could be a part of an evaluation of your efforts too.

          Now for the important bits !   

Who is going to use your product ? …. Some initial analysis of the potential market would help you define really what it was that you were going to make. 

The brief needs to reflect this so it clearly can't simply be  statement saying "I'm going to make …" without and back-up reasons. Establishing the need for a product has been the foundation of many successful ventures.  Sometimes this might occur because an inventor has that 'Eureka' moment when the realisation of "Why has no-one done this before ?!" hits you … hopefully followed by the Eureka moment of "and this is what's needed." Life isn't usually like that though….
Just think of Dyson's 5000+ development models in getting things right for his 'cyclone' cleaner.

So with all this followed by that statement of what you are going to make as a result of these early investigations...you should get all the marks available for the section.