One big mistake nearly all students make in their project work is to assume that an evaluation is a unit that comes at the end of a project. Why should anyone think that?   
What happened to thinking about your work and evaluating what is

    happening as you go along ?

The best marks surely come from showing that you are thinking … and analysing your work as you go along . That way you can feed back into your project exactly what you find out.

How do you find out whether your project is a success? Well … a good starting point would be to go back to your specification - compare how well you have done compared with what you aimed to do at the beginning.

But how can you be sure that what you have done is really a success. Well what better way than to take your toy down to your local nursery school and allow the children there to play with it. You could record their reactions by asking them questions and show how organised you are by taking a series of photos of the children playing with your toy.

  • If you don't have access to a nursery school then why not get a young relative to play with your designs.
  • Clear an area on the carpet and make the photos look as professional as you can possible make them look.
  • Do the photos by a window And make them look natural rather than just use flash. Why stop with the child … why not ask the parents .. After all they would be the ones to buy the toy for their child……Do they consider it safe and well made ? Do they think it is good value for money ?

An impressive thing to include in your work is a 'break-even-analysis'. This really does make your 'evaluation' look complete. Now you can say what 1 has cost and how the price would come down for 100, 1000, 10,000 or more…… All you would need to do would be to sell them ! That's what the toy manufacturers have to do - decide if they can make the product cheaply enough to make a profit…. Oh… and don't forget - make your work look great. If it can be framed on its own - its good!

Break Even calculator

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