The S-Curve and Product Change

Remember   product design is about making things that people want to own,
enjoy and with which they feel comfortable.   
At the end of a period of time even the best and most successful products need to be changed a little -
Perhaps just to revitalise a sagging market response or perhaps to improve the efficiency with which the item is made.  Perhaps the changes are necessary for
some safety reasons  that have come to light whilst the product has been in use.

So, ask yourself lots of ways to improve the item, and then set about suggesting ways that it could be improved.  Refer to your original specification to see what you were trying to do in the first place. Were those aims realistic or were you aiming too low?

These proposals really define the start of doing the whole thing again !  But don't worry - just including a plan for the next round of changes shows that you fully understand that product development never stands still

Everything can be improved or made more efficiently -
The mainconsideration that stops constant change is economy of production.

So it's the end of the project but the only the 'end of the beginning'
as far as your product is concerned !