Initial Evaluation

A very sensible approach to your project would be to keep a record of what you do, how long it takes and what problems you have ….

Surely it makes sense to be evaluating what is happening as you go along ?

Why leave everything until you have lots of other subjects hassling for completion of work?  Why wait until you really could do with a little spare time ? 
                  Believe me … it pays to work steadily throughout the whole task!

The best marks surely come from showing that you are thinking … and analysing your work as you go along . That way you still have the opportunity to feed back into your project exactly what you find out and to make improvements.

Think what tests would be suitable for your project when you have a prototype made….   Think what 'user-views' could be useful to make things better …. 

Will these tests be quantitative or qualitative ?

  • Can you design tests that 'measure' what is happening …. These would be quantitative tests
  • Can you get customers views that will help in making the product look better….this kind of test would be a qualitative test.

Even at the beginning of your project you could begin to think of how much this
product would cost to make.  At the end you could do a 'break-even analysis'. 
Check out now what is involved so that you can have it in the back of your mind.

"This really does make your 'evaluation' look complete. Now you can say what 1 has cost and how the price would come down for 100, 1000, 10,000 or more…… All you would need to do would be to sell them ! That's what the toy manufacturers have to do - decide if they can make the product cheaply enough to make a profit….
Oh… and don't forget - make your work
look great.
                                 If it can be framed on its own - its good!"

Break Even calculator

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