Recording your efforts….

Remember that your project will be seen by an external examiner as well as by your teacher. Remember too that if you were presenting your work to an external client you would need to pay particular attention to the way in which the work was presented. Taking photographs of the progress of the work you are doing, the inspiration for your ideas or just simply the final product can help tremendously in communicating your intentions and level of effort.

Say for example you are proposing to make some aid to organising the chaos that you have experienced as a budding artist …. What better to accompany the 'Brief' and 'initial analysis' than a picture of the situation that inspired your decision to embark on your project.  If you are planning to make a warning sign in Systems and Control then decide what the customer might use it for and where it might be stored.

What better way to end your work in devising a menu and food product than a 'presentation end photograph' in much the same style as those you might see in food magazines. With a digital camera you should be able to improve and improve the image until you feel it looks just right...with a more traditional camera - providing you have a single-lens-reflex camera (through the lens viewing) - you might be able to shoot a series of pictures rather than just the odd one or two. Try particularly to use natural lighting rather than a flash on the camera. Most modern cameras will allow you to expose the image without the need for too much effort on your part. With the help of a piece of white card to reflect light back into the shadow areas of your subject you might finish up with a very professional image that will really enhance your project. Its worth a try …..

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