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So how do you find out all the information that allows you to write a specification that says what you should do, what effect it might have on the environment, what the best manufacturing process is and so on…… well that's where the research comes in ….

….. now for the RESEARCH.

So now you know what you are aiming to do within your project you can decide what to research.  Lots of areas will present themselves to you.  Nearly everything is made to be handled or used by humans and so are made to a particular size and weight.  If you are making a toy you will need to check out ANTHROPOMETRICS -
- the study of the sizes and shapes that people are.

Think of interesting ways to present your results.

Do you need Packaging ?

If you plan on producing packaging for a product you will need to check out what materials other people have used and how the products are manufactured. Are there any environmental issues you should be mentioning about any of the materials that are used.  Does the packaging successfully achieve the main purposes associated with it : Preserving, Protecting, Promoting
Informing and Containing, What sort of cost implications will there be as the numbers of items that are produced increase ?

Remember the 'keyword' - ANALYSE

When you analyse packaging check out what is required by law. Look at font styles used and the way in which colour increases the impact of designs aimed at attracting customers.  Check out 'colour theory'  and how things are printed - the four colour print process.

Along with colour goes the study of fonts - typefaces that could be used and would be suitable for your project … Lots to do - and the research leads to a final specification …..

Almost every topic you could possibly think of will need research into colour. You can check out how colour is perceived - what associations are made by using different colours ( see the A-Z section on this site ) and remember the 4-colour print process is based on 'subtractive colour theory' - check out the a-z section again !

Checking out how well items are designed for use - how successfully they are adapted to our shape and size is the field of ERGONOMICS. These designs shown here were done as a preliminary study for redesigning the handles on craft knives. Not only was shape looked at but surfaces that are good to grip; those giving a non-slip surface, were examined.  Inspiration? Check out 'nature'….