Second Evaluation

Using the log / diary you have been keeping you will now be in a position to review everything that has been done.  Much of the design work will have been completed and a prototype made and tested to some degree ….

( and remember never throw any prototypes / models away ! )


You will undoubtedly now agree about evaluating what is happening
as you go along ?

You will already have some of the marks in the bag for the evaluation section….
and you have a better chance of planning your work in a more coherent way than
you could otherwise have done. If you haven't done anything to get some of those marks - well do so now before it begins to have less opportunity for making your work better.

Remember … it pays to work steadily throughout the whole task!

How do you present the section ?

Once again you could do it as a brainstorm / spidergram….

You could do it as a bullet-pointed list (or pair of lists )
of things to address / things achieved….

Check what needs doing by assembling your work into the sections ready for
submission - include section headings to make reading the work easier.
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