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Design & Technology On The Web  was originally designed to support and guide my own students in their studies but as the site has expanded it has been used by schools, colleges and universities around the world.  The site has no source of funding and now operates as a philanthropic venture simply to help students improve their understanding and enjoyment of the subject of design and the technologies that influence their lives.

The expense of running the site - as with all operating costs, gradually increases and with no funding the expansion and continued presence of the resource is always being reviewed.

If you have found the site useful either as a student or teacher within an institution, it would be appreciated if you could consider making a donation towards the costs of keeping the resource active. The ‘donate’ button allows payments to be made, for whatever sum, either by Paypal or by credit/debit card. - and therefore no Paypal account is necessary.   Thank you for reading this appeal and it is to be hoped you continue to find the site informative, interesting and valuable.

Design & Technology On The Web
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