Drawing Conventions Explained

Three dimensional solid shapes

Pyramids have distinct 'points' at the apex

1  Triangular Pyramid (Tetrahedron)
2  Square based Pyramid
3  Regular Pentagonal Pyramid
4  Regular Hexagonal Pyramid
5  Regular Octagonal Pyramid

A is a cone
B is a sphere

Prisms have 'tops' and 'bottoms' of the same shape

1  Rectangular Prism
2  Triangular Prism
3  Regular Pentagonal Prism
4  Regular Hexagonal Prism
5  Regular Octagonal Prism

C is a cylinder (A circular prism)
D is a cube (a Square based prism)

Use geometric shapes to create interesting packaging solutions.  TABS is a programme available at school that will create a variety of shapes and draw their NETS. The nets are   complete with the necessary 'tabs' to join  2-D surface together to create  fully 3-D shapes

Use 'TABS' for Net - production

Find the
programme in the D&T domain

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