Suggestions for your project coursework -  IF IN DOUBT ASK !!!!

Objective THREE ( 12 marks )
Produce several IDEAS and illustrate them in a variety of ways.  6-8 ideas is the minimum you should produce…..8-12 would be a lot better! Include analysis of what each one would mean in terms of the card needed (NET analysis).  Make proposals for how the prototype will be made.
Objective FOUR ( 12 marks )
You must DEVELOP the ideas you had and select ONE for going on to the next stage of making a PROTOTYPE. Details might be worked out in this section.  The shape of joining sections, the way that 'waste' parts of the card could be used for other parts of your design if necessary. [Minimise waste!...waste is costly to your 'clients'].  A FLOWCHART of production could be included.
                                        Again….Use ICT wherever you can
Objective FIVE ( 52 marks )
Make your product to the best quality you can.  You could include any details that you can think of that show how 'consistent quality' can be maintained when several are being made.  Don't be afraid of 're-developing' aspects of your design if things don't quite work. ( Include all failures ! )
Objective SIX ( 8 marks )
EVALUATE and TEST your prototype.  If necessary make new proposals for changes that could be made. Again use questionnaires to establish how successful your designs are.
Include photographs of production, testing or stages of making.  As well as giving results of tests in graphic form you should evaluate your own efforts and if necessary make proposals for changes in the way you approached the work.
'Effort' will be obvious if all models are included

SPAG ( 5 marks ) There are 5 marks available for spelling,
punctuation and if you
have used ICT  .....
Did you
USE THE SPELL-CHECK  facility!!!.   
Use the correct names for tools and processes wherever you can…
                                                         Check if you are not sure.

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