TASK FOUR : An additional exercise that you might already have done in association with other projects is to design a suitable name and lettering style for the area. 
This could result from another brainstorming session of ideas and associations.  Fruit, berries, cold, fresh, dynamic sports, etc, etc…. Your page of sketches should include evaluation notes explaining what you feel about the suitability of each proposal.

TASK FIVE : A main component of the final
appearance of the interior design will be the choice of suitable colours.  Some research into colour theory and the psychological
association of emotions with different colours might be a good starting point for this section.

Anthropometrics and Ergonomics
are going to have a large impact on the design of any interior and on any product.  As the tables and chairs need to be comfortable - unless you intentionally don't want customers to stay too long - will need to be designed with these in mind.



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