TASK EIGHT : At several points in your projects it is sensible to undertake a questionnaire.  This may be to gauge the feelings of the target market about your initial proposals, colour selections you have in mind, or about the final design or model of the interior.  It is important to remember that if the collected data is to be valuable and relevant it should be taken from a reasonable number of interviewees who should be representative of your target market.

This data presentation is an excellent opportunity to use ICT skills but can also be used to display some originality in presenting data using graphics. 

The techniques of undertaking 'market-surveys' can quite detailed and involved

. but the main point to remember is to ask questions that have an easily categorised
response.  It will be very difficult to display a graph that shows the range of feelings experienced by a group of sports supporters after a couple of hours in the wind and the rain.  Their response may range from concentrating on the conditions and how uncomfortable they were to how well the performance of the team or individuals kept all awareness of the conditions at bay !  'Yes' 'No' or multiple choice answers to questions are the easiest to categorise and display in graphic format.

TASK NINE A superb presentation drawing should be a main feature of
the design folder and this could be
produced using marker rendering skills you may have developed or could just as effectively be done using a CAD package. 
Try to make this the 'selling-part' of your concept -  All of the supporting work should culminate in this drawing and the 3-D model that might follow.

Now that you have a fantastic set of project sheets covering the design section of the task you will need to make the display.  This can be done using CNC equipment or traditional methods - and great results can be obtained by either means.

Check out suitable materials for making components of the design

These might include:     Foam-board       Modelling foam         Board         Card
                                       Polypropylene sheet           Polystyrene sheet         Acrylic
                                  MDF      Gelutong     Injection Moulded Plastic / Press formed
                                                                                                                 Polymorph (TEP)

The 'Planning' and 'Making' of a 3-D model is to be the next part of a planned topic coverage in this section. 
If you have any interesting pictorial examples of your own work then make contact and allow us to consider it for adding into to the section.



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