19/12/03  WR

Wooden Truck

An introduction to many of the basic principles associated with the structure of wood, wooden toys and the basic needs of a customer wanting to buy a simple,

What different classes of wood are there ?  Where do these different types grow and why does climate change the characteristics of the material ?  What sort of wood is often used for making children's toys and what characteristic does this have that makes it so suitable ?  How many of these questions can you answer before starting the task of making a child's toy ?

So where should we start on the task of designing a toy ?

Who will want to use the toy ?        Who will buy the toy ?        Who will make the toy ?

  • We should check-out existing toys and analyse what makes them good or bad.
  • We should ask the people who might buy the toy exactly what they want.
  • We could look at cars or trucks to get ideas of shapes that might be easy to make.
  • We should check-out suitable materials and tools that we could use.  We should also think about how a toy-maker would design the toy so that a large number of them could be made easily.
  • We will need to understand why wood is usually 'finished' with a coating.
  • We should know how to communicate our ideas so that someone else could build the toy for us if we needed that to happen.
  • We could examine how toys are packaged when they are sold in toy stores.
  • We should know how to test the final toy to make sure it is suitable for young children to play with.
  • We could go on redesigning and improving our toy once it had been completed to make it even better….

But we had better start at the beginning before we can do that !


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