What else will be necessary to complete the game ?

  • We will check-out existing games and analyse what makes them good or bad.
  • We will ask what the people who might buy the game want and like in games they have bought in the past.  We can ask what interests them too so that we could invent totally new games
  • We need some dice or spinner to randomly select numbers, colours or letters (or anything else we want!) that will allow the game to progress.
  • We will need some counters to identify the different players
  • We need to decide what the rules for the game should be and then produce a games-booklet or rules-card.
  • Packaging of products makes a great difference to whether a product sells - we will need to make a suitable pack for our new game
  • We could promote the game by designing 'Point-of-Sale' cards or by designing short TV or radio ads.
  • We could go on redesigning everything once it had been completed to make it even better…. But we had better start at the beginning before we can do that.


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