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So what about making a 'spinner' for generating random numbers instead of the traditional dice.? In the game shown here you could make a spinner as shown here from mild steel.  Mild steel has been chosen as it is very durable - that means it won't wear out for a very long time.  To make the spinner there are several techniques and skills you need to master, as well as learning how to use the lathe - a CNC milling machine, and
several other tools  these might include :

Join each of the sides to the centre to make triangles. 
How many  degrees are there in each of the triangles at the centre ? 

Using all theses terms you should be able to create a set of instructions for making the spinner.  You should include all the details about safety in the workshops and you should mention all the terms you have covered during class time.  Include diagrams wherever necessary.

What sort of container should you use for your game ?  If you were to make a simple box with a swing lid, what sort of wood might be suitable ?  What manufactured boards could you use for the base and the lid and why might you choose the types of materials you have considered ?  What sort of joints would be suitable for the box ? Start by making a list of the parts of the box and the qualities that each material will need .

What dimensions should it be and how will the spinner and the game board fit inside ?  Will they need some kind of recess, clamp, slot or clip to stop things moving about or will it be alright simply to fit things tidily inside ?

You have some designing to do !

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