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What toys were bought for you when you were very young ? 
It is almost certain that you will have had Teddy Bears and stuffed animals.

Which did you enjoy playing with and what appealed to you most about your favourite toys ?

Have you ever thought about how manufacturers of soft toys need to consider what will be most successful as a product and how they go about finding out ?  You may well have done questionnaires for other products but you may have to think carefully how you go about getting information from very young children or even babies !

Think about the basics of the projects you did in Year Seven and you may well remember covering the basics of using the sewing machine as well as remembering a number if different types of stitching - one or two of which might be most suitable for the toy you plan on making.  Remember too what textiles will be most suitable - you will need a fabric that is durable and yet is a the same time, soft and comfortable to handle.

Toys aren't just for playing with either.  There is the very real possibility that young children can be encouraged to learn while they play.
By designing a toy that also has other features included the toy as a product may be more successful and may also have a longer useful life with the child who is using it.

Can you think of ways in which the
design of these toys might have been improved ?

What good features do they have that might make them successful products ?

Do you think any of these designs could be made into a 'family' of products - that might make your toy design much more attractive to toy shops - and might make children enjoy having the choice of
different designs.  Now that you have decided to make a stuffed toy what should be your starting point ?  Should you start thinking of ideas or should you brainstorm possible themes first ?

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