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The packaging of children's food should also be
directed to both children and adults.  Protection and containment of the food as well as a great visual appeal are equally important    So once you have decided on the recipes and food products to use at your children's' party then you should give some thought to the
colours, size, designs and themes of packaging and menu design too.

A good starting point for the range of ingredients you might consider would be to make a list of
qualities that could be interesting in your party food.  Look at this list and decide if more can be added or which are the most important for children.  Write the word down and then add a few sentences
explaining why that food quality would be a good one to include.

Tender           Creamy             Fizzy                Cold              Squishy                Crumbly            Brittle   
Frothy            Sweet               Tough              Bitter             Gritty                    Crisp                 Powdery
Hot                 Bland               Flaky                Salty              Smooth                Sticky               Chewy   

The next step might be to arrange a tasting panel  of the sort of people who might be customers for your party food products.  This testing of qualities in food is called a sensory analysis and is needed so that the qualities of the food product can be adjusted to meet the target market.

Once you have made your list you could raw up a chart that shows the quality being tested in one
column and then the results from each taster in several other columns.

The  chart shown here could include far more qualities and would then give a better view of what the products overall appeal might be. The results could now be plotted on a star diagram with each of the qualities written at one end of the 'star' line.  Several products and their qualities can be compared in a graphic way by using these charts and diagrams.
Excel can be used to give attractive results

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