24th November 2009
( 10 minutes max )  Task 1 :   Using ‘Word’  or ‘Coreldraw’ Prepare an A3  design sheet ready for adding material / content.   This should be on the theme of existing jewellery - ethnic jewellery and historic jewellery.  Choose a suitable title but remember the whole sheet should be completed and ready for printing out after what remains of this hour-long lesson.   (Don’t forget to keep notes of all URLs used)

~ Design & Technology ~  
Jewellery Task - Product design & RM  
Task 3 :
( 20 minutes max )
Find text that outlines the origins of Jewellery - Why did people first start wearing it ? Do not copy
Spend the last 6-7 minutes making sure you have printed the comments you wrote and your images.              
In the second period of our 2 hour slot today we will discuss your progress so far.  We will talk through what is expected - what you have done well and what might be worthy of more content or more careful presentation
and paste text - It will gain you NO marks.
Task 2 : This lesson,  gather together some suitable examples of
jewellery.  Remember that the purpose of this sheet is to have ready,
examples that you can use as a guide to sizing, type and appearance
of some existing designs of items.   ( 20 minutes max )
The research section of your folder should contain topics such as :  Art Deco, Art
Nouveau, Tiffani ( and their jewellery) , Lalique (who was he ?), Existing jewellery, origins of jewellery, aesthetic colour, texture and shape analysis - as well as mention of designers that might have used themes as inspiration for product designs .