Packaging and labelling    (+Country of origin)
Additions to packaging - e.g. farm tractor logo

Design & make     
          Food Products

Text book

Food &

Text book

Distinguish between and identify uses in production.
Implications for successful products and satisfied
customers. Relationship of  the original specification to
the final product.

Quality Control &
    Quality Assurance

Applications in

Where used
in school &

Computer Aided design
                      Computer Aided manufacture

production methods

Batch, Repetitive Flow, Continuous,
One-Off (job production)

Flow Charts -
      (Critical path

Symbols used in flow and block diagrams.
Order of working, ( Importance to maximising use of time and resources. )

Testing & Trialling

Evaluation, customer testing, proposals for modifications.
Testing for quality assurance,  Evaluate against  'fitness
for purpose' , the design need, need of intended users.
Sustainable resources, recycling, redundant products, safe disposal.  Pollution.  Analysis of manufacturing techniques including use of jigs, templates, patterns.

Systems & Control

applied to food.  Production systems and control means.
                  e.g barcode control of stock,  etc

Food safety & law


Food safety -temperature control

Video & Video Notes

Themed paper - 'Electrical Appliances'

Each year a theme is chosen - 2003's topic : 'Electrical
equipment' used for food prep &  cooking. 
This is a research task for the exam and will be a topic
for a question in the second exam paper. 
(Year 2002's was 'Themed' Party Foods) Check for 2005 !