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Analyse systems in relation to INPUT PROCESS &
OUTPUTS - & Sub systems. Analyse means of production.
Be aware of scientific principles. Levers & linkages. Gear ratios. Types of motion & conversions - Cranks, cams etc. Load, Fulcrum, Effort. Open & closed loop systems & feedback, feedback in production systems.

Systems & Motion.
Gearing etc.

Structures -
(apply to products too)

Recognise structures in man made  and natural materials.
Equilibrium. Load. Reaction. Force - Newtons. Frames -
rigidity. Tension, Compression. Safety factors - Loading.

Products and
Analysis - Needs of

Scientific principles. Materials and  means of manufacture.  Processes, Analyse product against initial specification (PD Spec.) and 'fitness for purpose'
Manufacturer's (Production) specification. Anthropometrics and Ergonomics, Market research.

Solvents, Dust & fumes, Brazing / Welding / Soldering
tools & equipment usage. Heat risks. Electrical safety and
regulations. Use information to assess unfamiliar risks.
Environmental management & COSHH,  Personal Safety.

Health & Safety
& Legal requirements

Electrical and basic electronic principles. Simple wiring. Switches,  DPDT,  SPST, etc. Capacitors, diodes,
Transistors, electron flow, current, voltage, resistance,
Capacitance.  Basic electrical units.

Basic Electrical
Systems  & Simple
Electronic concepts
& components

Finishes for
aesthetics - and
for practical reasons

Oxidation (also useful to know of Aluminium's properties re oxidation). Paints, lacquers, electroplating, anodising, galvanising, dip-coating, 'undersealing'. Corrosion cell - bimetallic corrosion - reactivity of common metals.