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Analyse systems in relation to INPUT PROCESS &
OUTPUTS - & Sub systems. Analyse means of production.
Be aware of scientific principles. Levers & linkages. Gear ratios. Types of motion & conversions - Cranks, cams etc. Load, Fulcrum, Effort. Open & closed loop systems & feedback

Systems & Motion


Recognise structures in man made  and natural materials.
Equilibrium. Load. Reaction. Force - Newtons. Frames -
rigidity. Tension, Compression. Safety factors - Loading.

Products and
Analysis -Needs of

Scientific principles. Materials and  means of manufacture.  Processes.Analyse product against initial specification, PDs and 'fitness for purpose'

Quality Control &
     Quality Assurance

Distinguish between and identify uses in production.
Recognise when 'feedback' is being used.

Health & safety

Solvents, PCB production, Soldering Tools & equipment
usage. Heat risks. Electrical safety and regulations.
Use information to assess unfamiliar risks. Environmental management & COSHH