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Help with your project topics -  IF IN DOUBT ASK !!!!

Starting points for developing coursework ideas

The exam board suggests a number of tasks that can be extended but remember the
project should satisfy an identified need and above all be adaptable to be produced as a manufactured product.  It is not enough to make an item solely with yourself in mind -
extend your needs and adapt your idea to be accessible to others too.

Electronics Option

Astronomy enthusiasts spend a lot of time following stars and planets in their telescopes. 
As the earth is constantly turning this requires continuous re-adjustment.

Accurate measuring of weather data could be done automatically and remove the need for frequent visits to the data point.

A smallholder needs a device to automatically shut the entrance door behind her geese and chickens when they have returned to their chicken-house at dusk.

Photography enthusiasts in a local club need a device to turn on and accurately time their
photographic enlargers.

Greenhouses can overheat when the sun falls fully on the glass roof. Several ways of controlling the temperature inside could be devised - including automatic blinds and self-opening windows.

Cars frequently have devices built in so that side lights can be turned on automatically at dusk.  Older cars often do not have such a device but a local car shop believes a small self-fit product would sell well.

Young babies often wake up crying but can be reassured by soothing music or gently rocking.  A safety device might be added that sets off a remote alarm if the crying persists.

Parking cars in garages can be difficult when viewing is restricted some sort of sensor could relay a visual display to a position easily viewed by the driver.

Mechanisms Option

Disabled people might benefit from a device that could turn the pages of a book whilst reading

Collecting drinks cans for recycling is something done far more efficiently in Scandinavia than in the UK.  It is an environmentally friendly thing to be doing but collecting them takes up a lot of space. If they were flattened effectively they could be stored more easily.

Students and hobby enthusiasts sometimes require a holding device for small or unusually shaped objects.

Repairing bike punctures can be made easier if a simple folding stand was available.  A local cycle shop things there would be a market for a collapsible stand that could clip onto the frame of a bike and possible hold a few necessary items to help with the repairs.

Retrieving golf balls from the lake in the local golf club is  task that the golf committee feels would be well worthwhile.

A local woodworking company would like to compress their wood-shavings and sawdust into saleable fuel blocks but cannot think how to create a machine to achieve this.

Opening cans or jars can be difficult for some elderly or less dextrous individuals.  A small kitchen device that would aid with these tasks could be a saleable item in a chain of high street shops.  You as a designer have been asked to investigate.


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