The same requirements for success can be found in  textiles exam coursework as in any of the other subject study areas within Design & Technology. Your work should be well presented and submitted in a logical sequence
relating to the 'design cycle'.  If you follow the marking criteria published
by the exam board you should stand a better chance of including all of the expected sections.

The course structure has been set up for you so that in following the deadlines you are given the workload will be spread throughout the course.  Do not miss any sections of work as you will unnecessarily burden yourself for the time later on when most subjects will be chasing you for coursework and revision.   Take our advice and do the work when
it is set knowing that at exam time most of the available coursework marks will already be 'in the bag'

Remember that coursework is an opportunity for you to 'show-off' all the techniques and skills you have amassed.

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Many topics cannot be covered in the exam because of time constraints   but in using as many of your skills within the project you will be reinforcing all that will be necessary to gain a fuller understanding whilst getting valuable c/w marks.

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