24th November 2009
( 15 minutes max )  Task 2 :   Using ‘Word’    Complete the sheet on-line - task 1 and write three targets that you wanted to set yourself and then answer the questions on the botto of the sheet.  Save the file to your work space ready to print out.                          
                                                      Click here to follow the link
( 15 minutes max ) Task 2 : Download the next document that asks you to fill in the first two sections about what you have learned  about mechanisms and what you have done in the research section.  Save the document to your work area when you have completed those first two sections - ready for printing out later.  If you have closed the link above then reopen it now                   Click here to follow the link
~ Design & Technology ~  
Mechanical Toy Design  - Y8   
( 25 minutes max )  Task 3 :
Using the blank photocopies of the crossword and the clues you have been given - (and then finishing the task for homework) and write in all of the answers.
Some of the links you may have used in the first two tasks here may be of use ...
It is your task to complete the crossword before the first lesson when we come back - No half completed crosswords will be accepted.
Spend the last 6-7 minutes making sure you have printed the comments you wrote and your images.              
I have linked to a lesson that will allow you to write a short evaluation of what you did in the early part of this task