Download your prototype photograph from here and create an analysis sheet that explains what you have done to improve your original design.  Ask Mr Richmond to help photograph your work if it has not yet been done.  It would also be a good idea to photograph the developing lamp base, columns and locking devices as the product is progressing.

Include ProDesktop images and Engineering drawings.  You have produced a standard engineering design sheet ( as well as your 'creative' design sheet ) and use this to  include a full orthographic that includes all of drawing conventions you covered in lessons.

During the making of your base, the columns, the clamp mechanism, the shade and any adjusting parts you should fill in a planning sheet.  This records the equipment you are using, the associated hazards, the materials,
(and dimensions), the tools, the costs and the time involved in each step of the processes. 
Here is a reminder of some aspects of the processes, skilss and knowledge associated with the task you have been set.


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