~ Design & Technology ~  
Year 9  26 th May 2010  Period 3
Your research section should by now have a good selection of gliders and real aircraft and your analysis of them.  Do not use this lesson to continue with that as those tasks were set as homework.  In this lesson you must complete:  ( 20 minutes max )    Task 1 :                      
 A specification making sure it contains a list of features that a good product designed for children should have.  You would need around 8-10 bullet pointed features. ( You may already have completed this in which case spend more time on the next task.      
                              Download and complete the first part of Sheet  1
( 30 minutes max )  Task 2 : Collect research from websites that you access and produce an interesting A3 ( or 2xA4 sheets ) covering the topic of the development of flying machines.  Create a Collection of images and notes on Word or Publisher -  Copy images, interesting facts and possibly include a timeline too - but make sure all of the written parts are in your own words.  (Always quote your sources)
Do not use a font size larger than 14 point.    (Click on the highlighted links)     
Spend the last 6-7 minutes making sure you have saved both the question sheet and your research