Second Evaluation

Begin by thinking what you have done so far….. Have you really included all that was asked of you ?  The best way of checking this is to look at the 'marking criteria'.  Have you really
examined and analysed what the project was about and mentioned your conclusions ~
what will be necessary and how you will undertake it ~ in the

Did your RESEARCH include the aesthetics of the product, the function, the cost
and look
seriously at the existing designs that are around.  Did you
analyse all of these or just show examples.  The examiners (or your client) want to see thinking going on …. Did you finish
the research section with a
detailed SPECIFICATION.  There is a case for more than one specification, after all there would be the designer that wants to see a variety of features in the item.. There would be the manufacturer who would like a detailed specification that
included production details…..There would be the
owner / producer who would have a
variety of general and specific needs that related to the ongoing success of the company….  There would be the retailer who would be concerned about storage, barcodes, legal
requirements of packs ( ingredients, manufacturer, weight etc - check out what HAS to
be on packs…) ~ and there would be the consumer who should really be considered in all
this too...

Did you produce loads of ideas in rough with annotation that showed you had a lively and
fertile mind.. and then produce 10-12 good drawings in a variety of presentation styles ?
Did you show you knew about 1, 2 and 3 point perspective...about isometric, cavalier oblique  and cabinet oblique drawings? …. About scales and dimensioning…?  About orthographics
(1st and 3rd angles)...Did you include any rendering examples showing colour, texture,
light & shade ?   Have you used ICT design software programs such as
Pro-DeskTop, Photoshop, Paint or Coreldraw?  Show you are ICT-literate !

So now assemble what you have done into a clearly ordered series of pages -Group them into the sections in which they will be marked….Objective 1 - Objective , etc...

When you get to the end of the task you can include an 'introduction / index ' at the front that will allow everything to be found easily.  For the moment though - just keep that in mind - during the course of working on the project you may well want to add something into what has already been completed -
            you don't therefore want to number pages before the very end.