The packaging ….
What is the purpose of any packaging?  There are a few standard reasons why items are packaged.
The pack must PROMOTE the item inside - It should sell the product as well as possible and make it look as good as possible when displayed against the competition.
It must PRESERVE the product inside the pack.  This usually applies to goods that might 'go off' or deteriorate with time.  I guess you could just about say that a plastic item would be preserved from the effects of sunlight if the pack were on display in a sunny shop window - but the shopkeeper may have far more important problems if his/her  products are in the window for that long !!!
The product must be PROTECTED - against damage and knocks in transit - It should obviously tessellate well ( fit together with the least amount of lost space ).  No good having a jumble of pyramid shaped packs in the back of a lorry and expecting nothing to get damaged and as many as possible to fit into the space available).  Much better to have a cube box - but maybe that won't stand out against the competition - So there is one problem that needs to be solved.  Manufacturers often get over this by packing a whole load of  'crazy shape' packs inside a more sensible outer protective box.  A bit like crisp and potato snack packs that are 'soft' and 'crumpley' and which allow the goods inside to be damaged really easily if a lot of rough handling was experienced by the product.
The item inside should be CONTAINED  …  Again for our product this is probably easy - unless we have a load of bits that are extras and don't all fit neatly inside our designed box.   Fruit preserves and loose commodities like sugar, gasoline, milk and coffee granules clearly need to be CONTAINED in a pack more than our sort of product / item.
And one other important purpose of the pack is to INFORM the customer about the product.   Who made it - what batteries does it need - maybe a little promotional stuff on the pack will explain that this is a game where you have to protect all your teeth from the attacks of the 'evil' things that can happen to them…. Hey there's a good game -
So  when you have finished your game you need to package it - Check out the A-Z section of the site and find out all about NETS and how packs are made.
Perhaps you could look at some interesting shapes so start by recognising some 3-D geometric shapes.   
You may need to check out how vacuum-formed plastic protective inserts are made for the inside of packaging too…  or small injection moulded counters….

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