Tension, Compression. TorsionShear   Safety factors -

Saws, drilling, lathes, vertical and horizontal mills.

Quality Control &
    Quality Assurance

Health & Safety

Flow Charts -
(Critical path

Symbols used in flow and block diagrams.
Order of working, ( Importance to maximising use of time and resources. )

Testing & Trialling

Evaluation, customer testing, proposals for modifications.
Testing for quality assurance,  Evaluate against  'fitness
for purpose' , the design need, need of intended users.
Sustainable resources, recycling, redundant products, safe disposal.  Pollution.  Analysis of manufacturing techniques including use of jigs, templates, patterns.

Food and Ingedients

Isometric (ideally including drawing circles and curves in
isometric)  Oblique. (Cavalier + Cabinet )   1 & 2 point
Orthographic 3rd angle. Dimensioning rules